Client work

Here are some examples of the exciting and challenging projects we did for clients all over the world.

Charity Storm is a charity fundraising platform where users are initiators of various fundraisers that get funded by others who support the ideas and goals behind those initiatives.

Charity Storm brings together various charitable organizations and individuals to provide simple and easy way of helping others. By enabling users to start fundraisers in free and effortless way Charity Storm provides a creative platform where people can contribute aid to those in need.

Working closely with the founders, we've developed a powerful crowdfunding platform. That would be imposible without good, reliable and robust payment system supported by credit card and SMS payments. Providing simple, safe and trusted payments to users is imperative for a successful crowdfunding platform.

Social communities evolve and progress, and features are repeatedly evolving along. This means using all of our expertize in providing a quick reponse, while avoiding showstopper problems. For this we rely on an extensive test suite, code reviews and selective feature toggles to provide users with fresh and smooth running service.

To help users spread their fundraising efforts we leverage full power of existing social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

One of the great challenges was the transformation of the platform into a multi-tenant solution. Lean and flexible approach paid off and we were able to produce several customizable instances of our platform in short time without loosing focus from our core functionality and features.

"GoodCode has been truly great to work with. We have had one of their developer working full time with us for over a year now and have always got great quality delivered on time. He understands and have our business in focus which has lead to great results."
- Adam Hasslert, CharityStorm
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