Client work

Here are some examples of the exciting and challenging projects we did for clients all over the world.

The app works on all modern browsers, no installation needed, and is used by thousands of designers, teachers and students throughout the world and has been featured in The Next Web, AppStorm, Netokracija, as well as various blogs and podcasts. AWW also provides a plugin to embed to 3rd party sites, allowing them to easily add collaborative sharing features to their site.

While builing AWW, we’ve intentionally kept the design as simple as possible and limited the number of available options and features. This choice has proven very popular as users love the simplicity and “just works” behaviour of the app. They can focus on the drawing and collaboration instead of thinking about the app interface.

AWW is heavily using HTML5 features for drawing (Canvas) and communication (WebSockets). The backend uses Node.js and Flask/Python, the frontend is using jQuery, and the two speak using and Now.js libraries.

"I love using awwapp an online whiteboard drawing tool. The touch interface makes collaborating ideas super simple."
- Mitch Allen (@uxanduidesign)
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