WebCamp 2017

2017-10-09 by Senko Rašić

WebCamp Zagreb 2017 was again an incredible experience and we're happy to have taken part in it.

The talks were, as usual, awesome. Morten Rand-Hendriksen's talk on CSS Grid was incredibly informative and eye opening, while GoodCode alumn Goran Peretin, now at Twitter, showed some of the challenges involved in truly global-scale services and how to handle them.

The booth

This year again we helped with the organization of the conference. As a sponsor, we also had a booth at the conf, and what a blast that was! It was easily the most active and visited booth, attracting big crowds almost all the time.

GoodCode booth at off times

We did a ton of great work in the past year and we've showcased some of it, focusing on A Web Whiteboard, shared online whiteboard for remote collaboration, and MusicBox, music streaming service for venues.

We spiced things up with a home-made pop quiz with various IT trivia. It was a hit, not least because we were giving away some pretty cool shirts to people who managed to beat it. We hooked it up to an Arduino-controlled LED strip showing the time remaining for each player and questions answered/remaining. Combined with the MusicBox powered soundscape, it was quite a multimedia show!

Last bug fixes the night before (behind the scenes — last bugfixes the night before)

The quiz

The quiz was pretty hard to beat, with some questions and answers being pretty controversial and sparking lengthy (and usually good hearted) debate. We're thankful to all our booth visitors for competing in good spirits and decided to publish the questions and the answers here, with links to the reference backing up each answer:

  1. Why is JavaScript called JavaScript? → For marketing purposes
  2. What is HTTP? → HyperText Transfer Protocol
  3. Which of these HTTP verbs shouldn't affect the server state? → GET
  4. Which of these is not a Gopher? → Golang package manager (many people answered "protocol" here, which is incorrect)
  5. What year was WebCamp Zagreb first held? → 2012
  6. Django web framework is named after → Django Reinhardt
  7. In which country was Ruby first popular before going global? → Japan
  8. What's most popular beer at Python Zagreb Meetups? → Erdinger (none of the other answers was a beer)
  9. CRUD is short for → create, read, update, and delete
  10. What is the origin of the term bug? → Comes from the metaphor "to iron the bugs out" (this was a hugely controversial one as majority of the literature out there shares the misconception)
  11. What is bit rot? → Performance degradation and/or bug likelihood increase over time due to changing code, environment or platform
  12. It takes one woman nine months to make one baby: how many women are needed to make a baby in one month? → Process is not parallelizable (common sense, but there's also an IT-related reference by Fred Brooks)
  13. Python programming language is named after → Comedy troupe
  14. Which of the following is not in the Zen of Python? → Done is better than perfect
  15. What is the type of NaN in JavaScript? → number
  16. How many different 4-digit pins (using digits 0-9) are there? → 10000 (0000-9999)
  17. RAM means → Random Access Memory
  18. PHP originally stood for → Personal Home Pages
  19. Which of these is the oldest → Objective C
  20. What is fat arrow → A way to write functions in JavaScript
  21. ORM stands for → Object-Relational Mapping
  22. Which of the following is not a correct IP address → (it's a fully-qualified host name, not an IP address; most people were tricked by the "funny-looking" IPv6 address of
  23. Design is → ... how it works
  24. What is technical debt? → Making a quick hack now that will make it harder to maintain or fix in the future
  25. DRY means → Don't Repeat Yourself
  26. IRC is → Internet Relay Chat
  27. Recursion is → Function calling itself
  28. What is the likelihood of any two WebCamp Zagreb 2017 visitors having birthday on the same day? → 100% (there were more visitors than days in a year, so the pigeonhole principle stands)
  29. If 1 + 1 = 10, then 1 * 1 = → 1 (math using binary notation)
  30. Garbage Collector is → Part of the runtime of some programming languages

Once again congratulations to all the winners and thanks everyone for participating!

A++ would visit again

Good Coders enjoying a well-earned break

In conclusion, this year's WebCamp Zagreb was again a great, informative, fun and interesting experience. Team GoodCode had a blast — thanks to all the organizers, volounteers and speakers, and see you all next year!

Senko Rašić
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