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We create beautiful, reliable, performant and secure web apps. We do the whole nine yards — from your original vision to the finished, polished product.

Our clients say:

“GoodCode helped me with the backend (Python and Django on Heroku) of my (currently private) project involving video transcoding and publishing. I work in the US but communication with Senko was a breeze. We had many Skype calls/chats where he patiently explained various technical details, scheduling, costs, etc. I am at a Python beginner's level but even I could see that the code along with the tests were extremely well written. More than anything else, the amount of time spent on coding up each bit of functionality was exactly what Senko had predicted. This ability to execute technically and at the same time perfectly manage the project are extremely rare.” - Gokul Krishna

“GoodCode was instrumental in taking a product from concept to reality. The team brings tremendous technology and consultative value to the relationship. We look forward to a long relationship with GoodCode.” - Jeff Crump, ciValidator Corp.

“A team of extremely talented, literate, and professional developers. I had high expectations and they went above and beyond, really a pleasure to work with and can't imagine wanting anything else.” - Nandan Rao, Bunkhouse

“We had a great pleasure in working with GoodCode team. They are top developers in creating multimedia hosting sites using up-to date web technology. We were very happy with the speed and quality of the work done for us. Keep up the good work.” - Damir Regvart, CARNet

“Excellent, very professional work.” - Matti Kakkori, Dsider

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From the blog

  • Using Django for (mostly) static sites

    Senko Rašić

    While Django is a great framework for building websites and web applications, it’s often considered as “too big” for fulfilling simple needs, such as mostly static content or single-page sites. While alternatives like static website generators (such as Jekyll or Hyde) or microframeworks (such as Flask) indeed are more lightweight in their default setup, Django [...]


  • OAuth2 in Python

    Senko Rašić

    Internet users commonly log into various web services using their Facebook accounts. This removes the hassle of dealing with account registration process and keeping track of yet another password or, in the worst case, giving yet another service the same password used everywhere. Those web services often offer additional features like linking their friends together, [...]


  • Three years of Web Whiteboard

    No comments
    Senko Rašić

    Usually we’re working on custom projects for our clients, but we do have several of our own. One of them is A Web Whiteboard, a web-based whiteboard application that works with computers, tablets and mobile phones (it’s touch-friendly). A Web Whiteboard has two killer features: it’s intentionally very simple, and you can use it to [...]